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everybody wants to be part of the rockscene

9 September
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My name is Lizzy.
I'm a walking cliché.
I love kissing pretty people. I think I'm a kissing whore. :)
I use smileys a lot. And I say "hehe" and giggle like a silly girl. I hate the acronym LOL. But that's ok, cause im cool :p.
I love playing guitar, infact I'm in a band. We're ace. You should hear us. Haha.
I love writing music. But the music I write is awful. But it's still music dammit!
I swear, too much.
I love dressing up, and being silly, and polka dots, and sunglasses. And then taking pictures. And posting them. Told you I was a cliché.
I get excited about glitter, and sparkly things. And furry things. And when I'm excited I make high pitch squeaking noises. And giggle like a girlie girl.
I love talking. I talk alot. I talk alot of random shit, but I still talk. If I couldn't talk.. I'd die.
I love lying under the stars. And having meaningful conversations.
I love cutting and sticking.
I love the fact that lots of people don't like me, It just means I appreciate the people who do all the more.
I love baths. And rubber ducks.
I love waking up to texts on my phone.
I love talking to people who I've grown apart from, and finding out that we are actually closer.
I listen to peoples Cd players/Mp3 players/MD players. And hear music I like. Then I go home, and download some. And if I like it, I go buy some. And then people accuse me of copying them. I do.
I love being vain. I don't like the way I look. But damn I'm vain.
I laugh. Hysterically. Lots and lots. And then I moan cause my stomach hurts. But I love it.
I love watching shitty tv. For hours.
I love hearing a song I haven't heard for ages, and singing all the words.
I love it when i hear a song for the first time, and its so beautiful that I cry.
I love laying in bed, and listening to whatever my windows media player throws at me.
I love knowing tomorrow is another day.
I love being loved.
I never like things. I love them.
I wish I was cool enough to be a riot grrl.
I love beating people on computer games. I'm very competetive.
I love livejournal. And I love being a geek.
I always carry vaseline with me.
I love sleep. And bed.
I love cheesy american phrases.
I love cheesy american tv.
Hell, I think I love cheesy americans.
I love clinique - happy (perfume).
I love it how certain songs bring back memories for me :).
I love discovering new bands.
I love it when someone calls you. And they can't read or spell or breathe without choking.
I contradict myself, like, all the time. And I don't care when people point it out to me.
I love you.
I love being a cliché.
If you don't care, get over it.

If you think I've copied you, I probably have.
If you think I care, I probably don't.

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